Every entrepreneur knows that the key to building a successful business is through constant quest for knowledge. The World Wide Web has made that possible for most humans to gain information at the click of a button. It is always a great idea to learn new business skills in order to improve on and expand one’s business. Thanks to the internet, there are quite a number of websites that will give you insightful resources on entrepreneurship, advertising, creating business strategy, etc. Find below 6 sites that could greatly impact your business positively.

The Alison site offers free professional courses to both students and entrepreneurs and covers a wide range of courses ranging from personal development to professional or business development. They are also affiliated with big internet brands like Google, University of Cambridge, Stanford University, Microsoft, etc and have more than 11 million learners on their platform. Other sites that are similar to Alison are Coursera, Open2study, edX, etc.

This platform is really useful for entrepreneurs. You can share tips or ask questions here. There are experts or people with personal experiences who are willing to share information that may be helpful to your business.

This site basically deals with entrepreneurs and gives out trends and opportunities that exists in businesses. If you need business growth tools, hack, tip or advice, entrepreneur.com is the way to go.

From assessing your growth as a startup to learning skills on how to grow your customer base, growth hack has a compilation of useful information on tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts of starting, marketing and sustaining your business.

This site is majorly for programmers and offers resources to assist with learning programming language. All you need to do is to open a free account and learn away. It is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to build their websites themselves or touch up the website when it is urgent. Programming languages like Javascript, HTML, CSS, etc. It is not so complicated to use.

Individuals who are learning how to write or basically anyone at all can get tips on copywriting, internet marketing, email marketing and the likes. It is good for startups or entrepreneurs who are trying to save cost and would rather write their articles by themselves. They also offer free ebooks on copywriting, internet marketing, content marketing and promotion, email marketing, SEO, SEO copywriting, etc.
This does not scratch the surface for sites where you can learn entrepreneurship from but is a good place to start from. However, if you have helpful sites to add to what has been listed, you could share it in the comment section.